Pastorial Council

The OLSS Council is a body of committed parish members with varied perspectives, skills, and talents. Acting as stewards of the parish, the Council’s ministry is to envision, plan, and implement policies and activities that assist the Pastor.  The Pastorial Council strives to be pastoral and prophetic. 

The current 2019 members are:

Bryant Shepard - President

Susan Sartain - Vice President

Tricia Jenkins - Secretary

Ginny Wagner

Kelly Blount

Sue Lockhart

Chrissy Bundrick

Tom O'Shaughnessy - stepped down due to health

Tim Hughes - rolled off due to deaconate position

Due to the vacancies, all three of the individuals that were nominated will all be coming on to the Council in October, with the understanding they are fulfilling the rest of the year, and their 3 year term will begin in January. Council will consist of 10 members through the rest of this calendar year and one person will roll off in January 2020 so that we have 9 members as per the by-laws.

* Janet Notheis - new member

* Mike Recore - new member

* Dominic DeLuca - new member