CURSILLO - POC - Chrissy Bundrick - 912-552-7783

cur·sil·lo - kərˈsē(l)yō/ - noun: cursillo; plural noun: cursillo - a short informal spiritual retreat by a group of Roman Catholics, organized mainly by lay people and originally developed in Spain.

Men and Women make/attend their Cursillo weekends separately. Traditionally the men make their weekend first then the women make theirs the following weekend. However, anyone can experience a Cursillo weekend anytime they are ready. The Diocese of Savannah holds two men’s/women’s weekends a year. One in the spring and one in the fall. Those wishing to register and experience this short course in faith must have a Cursillo Sponsor (someone who has already made a Cursillo weekend). It is the duty of the sponsor to answer all questions, help with registration, and make the arrangements for the candidate to get transported to the designated site for the weekend and transported home from the weekend. After the experience of attending a Cursillo weekend Cursillesta's then meet once a week in small groups to continue their faith journey. The whole community comes together once a month for faith and fellowship.

CYM – Catholic Youth Ministry - POC - Chrissy Bundrick - 912-558-7783 -

The OLSS youth group meets every Sunday night during the school year from 6pm-7:30pm (following the same meeting days as Religious Ed. unless it is a retreat weekend). The youth group tries to incorporate a retreat, conference, diocesan event, or religious outing once a month in addition to the weekly meetings. The teens are led by a youth ministry team of adults who have founded the program of the 3 F's: Faith, Fellowship, & Food for their weekly meetings. All teens in high school are encouraged to join and attend and college students are welcome to come and be a part of the Young Adult leaders. All teens and adults 18 or older have been Virtus trained. Every summer the ministry team offers a summer mission trip for teens to go and serve others. They prepare for this trip by doing service work throughout the year and by fundraising. We are all one at CYM; all are welcome. “Dear young people, let yourselves be taken over by the light of Christ, and spread that light wherever you are.” John Paul II


Eucharistic Ministers serve both the hosts and the wine during mass. They clean up the serving dishes after mass.  Even if you have served as a Eucharistic Minister in another church, you must attend a brief instruction first, as all parishes have different ways they do it. 

HEALTH MINISTRY - POC - Peggy Hudock - 678-642-2893 -

Our Lady Star of the Sea Health Ministry is a team of parishioners who have come together to focus on health within our spiritual community. Health, as defined by the World Health Organization (WHO) is “a complete state of physical, mental and social well-being, and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity”. Our ministry will use the interventions of education, counseling, prayer, presence, active listening, advocacy, referral and all resources that we find available to our community. As needed, we will collaborate with other specialties, such as community health, hospice, rehab, primary care…whatever is needed, to care for those in our faith community. We are a new ministry learning the needs and the way, listening and looking to see what might be needed, guided by our faith and the love of Jesus.


This committee oversees the upkeep and scheduling of the Historic Chapel.  Committee members clean the chapel, maintain the grounds and decorate for various ceremonies.  This committee also oversees the scheduling of baptisms, weddings, rosaries and special services.   Please call the church office if you are interested in volunteering.


The Hospitality Committee is a newly formed committee to help organize church-related social events in our Parish. A team of individuals may be asked to help set up or decorate the Social Hall for meetings, receptions, etc., or help plan menus for receptions. Help us present Our Lady Star of the Sea to others as we see it – a warm, friendly, family oriented home for all.


Founded in 1882 by Fr. Michael J. McGivney, a local parish priest in New Haven, Connecticut, the Knights of Columbus has grown into the largest Catholic, Fraternal, and Benefit organization in the world with close to 2 million members worldwide. Our founding principles are Charity, Unity, Fraternity, and Patriotism, and through these principles, the Knights have been able to support various charities with over $1.4 billion, and 664 million volunteer hours over the last decade.  We are a band of brothers dedicated to supporting our Church, our members and their families, and our community.  We’d love for you to join us!


The Altar society members serve our Lord by keeping our church altars clean and beautiful.  Our duties include but not limited to washing and folding altar linens, and proper handling and cleaning the altar vessels.  Our group meets once a month, we alternate by month doing the linens and cleaning the vessels.


The Ladies Auxiliary at Our Lady Star of the Sea is an organization that provides all of its members the opportunity to participate in charitable and civic functions that serve the parish and the community.  The group provides additional help and support to other groups within the parish.

LECTORS - POC - 912-882-4718 -

The Lectors set up the altar, place the bowl of water and towel on the side table and put the water, wine and hosts on the back table prior to church.  The Lector also reads all the items required, including the prayers of the faithful and announcements.  Even if you have served as a Lector in another church, you must attend a brief instruction first, as all parishes have different ways they do it. 

GOOD SAMARITAN OUTREACH - POC - Lena Brathwaite-Bell -

Outreach provides emergency food to Camden County Residents. We also deliver food to the elderly, disabled, and to those without transportation who have small children.  Outreach also helps link people with social or other services in the community.

Outreach is a collaborative effort. Members of the ministry help with deliveries as needed, and help make bags when needed.  A local youth leadership team helps with grocery shopping (as their community volunteer project). The OLSS youth help with sorting and checking dates when we have a big donation.


“Our Lady Star of the Sea” Parish Council is a group of nine parishioners elected for 3 year terms, to advise and promote a healthy culture of life at our parish.  Ministry leaders give monthly reports to the Parish Council expressing each ministry’s needs and accomplishments.  The Parish Council also works closely with our Pastor in planning and implementing a quality Parish Life.  Nominations for Parish Council positions generally happen in January, with elections in February.  Consider your service on our Parish Council.


On a weekly basis (Thursday), Mass is said at D. Ray James Correctional Prison in Folkston. We serve approximately 2700 prisoners, 70% of them Catholic. Most of the inmates are Latino Catholics, so bilingual volunteers are especially needed.  The Prison Ministry’s mission is to bring Christ's love & forgiveness to all incarcerated people, their families & those who work with them, so they may be successful in their transition to becoming productive citizensThe ministry gives you a chance to share your faith & be a friend in Christ.

RELIGIOUS EDUCATION:  “We are One Faith, One Family”  - POC - Tim & Rhonda Hughes -

“Bringing the Love of Jesus Christ to our community, through families, strong and confident in their faith.

Our Lady Star of the Sea recognizes our parents as ministers and primary educators of the family, teaching by word and action.  Children will grow in their love of God, love for others and their knowledge of the Catholic faith thru different Religious Education programs at OLSS.

Nursery - POC - Shannon Talley - 912-674-4797

Nursery is offered year round during the Sunday morning 11am mass for children ages: newborn to 3 years old.  Nursery is located in its own classroom in the RE building.

Children’s Liturgy - POC - Karen Preble -

Children’s Liturgy provides children in preschool (ages 3, 4 and 5) the opportunity to learn about God in an age appropriate setting.  Children are invited to the altar for a blessing from Father and dismissed before the readings and return during the offertory.  The lessons follow the liturgical year readings.  Children’s Liturgy is offered during the Sunday morning mass and follows the religious education calendar.

RE Classes:

Faith formation is offered to children in grades kindergarten thru 8th grade.  Classes meet on Sunday mornings from 930-1045am for grades K-7th.  The 8th grade meets on Sunday evenings from 600-730pm.  Sacraments of First Reconciliation and First Holy Communion are received in the second grade.  Confirmation is received in the eighth grade.  Enrollment in religious education program for at least two years (for ex. 7th and 8th grades) leading to Confirmation is required.  Parents should contact the Director of Religious Education if they would like their child to receive a sacrament at a different time. 

RE Catechists/Volunteers:

We welcome you to join our RE family.  Leading faith formation classes, assisting with special projects, nursery caregivers, teen assistants are just a few of the volunteer opportunities.  All volunteers are required to attend Virtus training and obtain a background check prior to working with children. We would love for you to bring your love of Christ to the children.

 SPANISH MINISTRY - POC - Jose & Mickey Nieves -

The Spanish Ministry serves as a liaison for the Spanish speaking community, especially for the Religious Education program. They participate in weddings, baptisms, special Masses and especially the Our Lady of Guadalupe celebration


Many times the church office receives calls from parishioners who are unable to drive and want to attend Mass. If you are going right by their home, could you stop and pick them up? Let us know the area you live in and we’ll contact you to see if you are able to assist someone in need.


"OLSS Usher Ministry Needs You!"  Be the first face of OLSS and welcome parishioners and visitors to our beautiful Parish.  Assist in Mass set-up, greeting, collections, and congregation assistance during Mass and Services. Join our Usher ministry and serve our church in a special way

VIRTUS - POC - Sallie Galyean -

VIRTUS is the mandatory training for all volunteers in the Diocese of Savannah, and many other dioceses throughout the U.S. VIRTUS is the brand name that identifies best practices designed to help prevent wrongdoing and promote "right-doing" within religious organizations. The VIRTUS program empowers organizations and people to better control risk and improve the lives of all those who interact with the Church.